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Updated: 06.24.12

NEWS FLASH - Fame, fortune find Class of '70 alumnus!

One of our illustrious classmates has now written a book! Husband and wife team, Bill and Jill Yarnall Hicks collaborated on the novel 'Will Power' available from Amazon for Kindle. Jill did the writing but Bill lent support and his photography talents to help make this a successful endeavor. (Bill also points out this is Jill's book, he just provided moral support!)

Will Power is a story of three brothers and their connection to a beach house in the quaint shore town of Lewes, DE. The house had been in the family for generations when a beautiful redhead and an unexpected relative enter their lives. Romance and power struggles become a heartbreaking combination changing family dynamics forever.

You can get the Kindle ap for your computer without buying a Kindle (just 'google it' baby!). Lend your support so we can all hit Bill up for a loan when they sell the movie rights!
Get it here!


Updated: 01.20.11

The reunion photos are now on line! Many thanks to Karen Jones Harlin and Craig Gamber for this fine pictorial moment in history. Click here to see!

Craig has more on his site for all to view! If you'd like copies of any or all, please contact Craig via his website or Karen directly.

We're still looking for the missing, and I'm still gathering info from folks. Please keep your information up to date, or add info here.

And here is a little taste of some of the videos I found on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Past blasts for everyone!

That is all!
PS...send in those photo, lots of new ones are now on the site! Inquiring minds want to see! !